Sage Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Sage Appliances X Third Wave Coffee Buying Guide

Welcome to our ultimate buyer's guide to the best-selling coffee machine series by Sage Appliances. Innovative and tailored to the modern coffee connoisseur these machines are engineered to deliver an unparalleled experience on demand.


  • History of the Third Wave
  • Choosing the Right Type of Beans
  • Which Sage Coffee Machine is Best?
  • Recipes & How to Guides


History | Third Wave

First Wave

During the turn of the 20th century, there was an increase in demand for coffee from around the world as trade routes became more accessible and innovations in instant coffee and packaging methods became increasingly available.

Sage Appliances - First Wave History

Second Wave

In later years the second wave saw an emphasis added to the quality of coffee whilst introducing the concept of a coffee shop experience where staple chains such as Starbucks, Costa and other household names made their mark by introducing the world to skilled baristas to create enticing cappuccinos, latte art, and other unique espresso-based drinks.

Sage Appliances - Second Wave History

Third Wave

Rooted in joint understanding the third wave is founded in the understanding and appreciation of making excellent quality coffee, a greater emphasis on the farmers and providing transparent insight into the coffee journey itself, from start to finish.

Sage Appliances - Third Wave History

Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

What Makes Good Quality Coffee Beans?

Fruit: Timing is Key

From the start coffee as we know it begins its journey as fruit, as coffee cherries ripen they transition from green to red, yellow, orange, or pink, this is something that happens all across many different places around the globe making it possible for delicious coffee all year round.

Beans: Just the Beginning

After the initial harvest, these cherries go through several stages to become coffee beans, this includes processing, drying and milling. Prior to roasting, they are tough with a grassy flavour, it's when they are roasted that those all-important flavours and aromas unlock.

Roasting: Unlocking the Flavour

Roasting Coffee Beans Lifestyle

To achieve the best flavours the raw beans go through an intense roasting process to break them down, become more brittle and release them natural aromas. These beans are heated to around 385°F or 196°C where the steam pressure within causes a split with an audible cracking sound after which there is a second crack 435°F or 224°C, this high-heat process holds the key to releasing them rich flavours.

Grinding: Full Circle

Grinding Coffee Beans Lifestyle

For the best flavour experience, it's best to have the coffee ground just before brewing. Once exposed to oxygen the ground coffee begins to lose its delicate flavours and aromas in just a matter of minutes!

Sage Coffee Machines | Overview

Sage the Oracle | BES980
Sage the Oracle Touch | SES990

Sage Oracle and Oracle Touch coffee machines are at the pinnacle of home espresso making without the barista! Providing simplicity from start to finish with automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, automating the two most tricky parts of manual espresso to ensure café quality coffee every time.

Features We Love

  • Digital Display 
    The Oracle Touch features an intuitive digital touchscreen display allowing you to effortlessly scroll through to select your favourite type of coffee, choose from 8 variants including Americano, Espresso, Latte, Flat White & Cappuccino.

  • The Perfect Taste
    Create your very own coffee style thanks to the Oracle Touch' built-in memory, once you've discovered the perfect coffee strength, milk texture and temperature simply save the Oracles menu alongside a custom title and image.

  • Fully Automated
    Every stage features an automatic process to delivery full-bodied flavours thanks to the Oracle Touch' automatic conical burr grinder which can grind the optimum quantity of 19-22g of fresh coffee beans as well as dosing and tamp.

  • Temperature
    The Oracle Touch features an integrated digital temperature control (PID) technology which helps to achieve a perfectly balanced flavour. As little as a 1°C temperature change can affect the flavour of espresso. The Oracle Touch also has dual stainless steel boilers which deliver water at the ideal temperature with every use.

  • Micro Foam
    Creating silky micro-foam is easy to achieve with the Oracle Touch steam wand. Featuring a dedicated steam boiler and pre-programmed functionality to automatically texture the milk to your taste. When finished the Oracle's steam wand automatically cleans itself.

*Features listed are for the Oracle Touch, for the full features and functions for the Oracle please visit here.

Sage the Barista Pro | SES878

Barista Pro is both versatile and stylish delivering 'Third Wave' speciality coffee at home. Built into the espresso machine is a conical burr grinder with dose control to deliver the optimal amount for the very best at home flavour experience. Also included is Sage's innovative ThermoJet heating system that delivers fresh espresso in as little as 3 seconds as well as on-demand steam perfect when creating cappuccinos and latte art.

Features We Love

  • Intuitive LCD Display
    A simple LCD display provides accurate progress information from the grinding to the extraction of the coffee.

  • ThermoJet Heating System
    This innovative heating system achieves the optimum temperature in as little as 3 seconds providing an instantaneous transition from espresso to steam.

  • Built-In Conical Burr Grinder
    At the push of a button achieve the perfect dose amount of ground coffee for maximum flavour. This grinder features an adjustable grind size and dose.

  • Precise Extraction
    The digital Temperature Control (PID) delivers water at the right temperature +/- 2°c, this ensures optimal espresso extraction. A Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases to ensure all the flavours are evenly drawn out.

  • 19-22 Grams Dose
    A 54mm porta-filter with 19-22 grams helps to achieve a perfectly balanced and great tasting espresso with each use.

  • Milk Texturing
    Create thick milk foam perfect for cappuccinos and latte art with the powerful built-in steam wand.

Sage the Barista Express | SES875

The Barista Express by Sage Appliances delivers four key elements to ensure great tasting coffee, this espresso machine allows you to quickly grind coffee beans from bean-to-cup in a matter of minutes and there's also an integrated steam wand to create silky microfoam perfect for cappuccinos. This coffee machine also includes a Sage Temp Control Jug and features a stylish stainless steel finish.

Features We Love

  • Auto Grind & Dose Control
    Delivers the perfect quantity of coffee thanks to the integrated Conical Burrr Grinder directly into the portafilter to cater to your prefered taste.

  • Optimum Espresso Extraction
    Built-in temperature control delivers water at the precise temperature to ensure optimal espresso extraction and flavour.

  • Micro-Foam Milk
    The Barista Steam wand lets you effortlessly create silky micro-foam that is essential for creating latte art and cappuccinos.

  • Grind Size Dial & Hands-Free Operation
    The grind size dial gives you control over the grind size regardless of the bean type whilst the grinding cradle allows the grind to go directly into the portafilter.

Sage the Bambino Plus | SES500

Bambino Plus by Sage are more compact than their counterparts but equally produce the same great coffee brewing experience by utilising Sage's '4 Keys Formula'. Barista grade performance is delivered using a 54mm portafilter with 18 grams of coffee for full flavour. The innovative ThermoJet heating system is ready in as little as 3 seconds with espresso being delivered using 9 bars of pressure to achieve the best results.

Features We Love

  • 4 Keys Formula
    Bambino Plus utilises the 4 key formula to achieve great tasting coffee, each espresso machine uses the ideal dose of freshly ground coffee beans, ensure exact temperature control, optimal water pressure and steam generation to create thick milk foam.

  • Adjustable Milk Texturing + Automatic Steam Wand
    Included are 3 heat settings and 3 milk texture settings that help to create silky smooth milk foam perfect when creating milk-based drinks such as cappuccino. The automatic steam wand delivers a consistent pressure at 130˚C to achieve perfect results every time.

  • ThermoJet Heating System
    In just 3 seconds this innovative heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature required without the wait.

  • Rich Full-Flavoured Espresso
    The Bambino Plus achieves rich and complex flavours by using a 19-gram dose delivered by a commercial-style 54mm portafilter.

  • Precise Espresso Extraction
    Digital Temperature Control (PID) ensures water is delivered at the right temperature for the best results. To begin there is a low-pressure pre-infusion, followed by a high pressure 9 bar extraction process delivered by a 15 bar Italian pump.

  • Auto Purge
    By automatically purging the heating system after steaming ensures your next espresso is extracted at the right temperature without comprising the flavours.

*Features stated are for the Bambino Plus models.

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