Buy Bee's Wrap at Potters Cookshop Essex

Bee's Wrap Food Wraps: reusable and eco-friendly. Wave farewell to plastic wrap!

Hands up if cling film annoys you?! Losing the end then trying to find it, then getting in a tangle. Then worst of all, binning it after use, adding to the copious amount of plastic waste that goes to landfill or the ocean. So what if there was a reusable and eco-friendly way to replace the likes of cling film and foil? Well now there is - meet the amazing Bee's Wrap...
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Buy Mother's day Gifts 2019 at Potters Cookshop

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 is fast approaching so we've put together some great gift ideas for your perusal. With quality brands such as BarCraft, Jamie Oliver, Peter Rabbit, Mason Cash, KitchenAid, Le Creuset and so, so many more that Mum will love, we are absolutely certain you’ll find a great gift for her at Potters Cookshop of Hockley this year!
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Buy Scrub Daddy Scrub Mommy at Potters Cookshop Essex

Scrub Daddy. Scrub Mommy. Scrub-tastic! Cleaning made easy!

SCRUB DADDY. SCRUB MOMMY… Nope, this blog isn’t about cleaning Daddies and Mummies, although it wouldn’t surprise me if the products I’m going to introduce you to didn’t do an amazing job of that too! Read on to find out more about these fabulous cleaning products, recommended by ourselves and the Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch...
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Buy KiddiKutter Children's Knife at Potters Cookshop Essex

The KiddiKutter - Cuts Food, Not Fingers!

It goes without saying that you probably enjoy cooking and/or baking if you're reading this blog. And if you have youngsters in your family then it’s highly likely that you’d like to pass on the joy of cooking to them too. But letting little ones loose with kitchen tools can be scary, especially where knives are concerned. Well fear no more! We have discovered an absolutely amazing product that you’re going to absolutely love! Introducing the KiddiKutter...
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How to make Cheat's Christmas Cake and Cookie Tree Topper Blog

Cheat's Christmas Cake with Cookie Tree Topper

Have you left your Christmas cake to the last minute? 
Fear not – we have the answer – Cheat’s Christmas Cake and Cookie Tree Topper! This will impress friends and family no end and all that’s involved is a little bit of cake decorating, and some cookie making – last minute really isn’t a problem!
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How to make Sweet and Spicy Mixed Roast Nuts by Potters Cookshop

Nutty about Nuts: Sweet and Spicy Mixed Roasted Nuts

Nuts are a Christmas favourite but can be a little bland and boring year on year. So we thought we would treat you to a super easy recipe to jazz up those nuts and have everyone talking at your Christmas soiree! Sweet and Spicy Mixed Roasted Nuts: perfect as an appetiser, starter or snack whilst entertaining. You'll be nutty about nuts after this, trust us!
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Potters Cookshop Manager's Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2018

Manager's Top Ten Christmas Gifts for 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Potters Cookshop so we thought we would help you along with some great gift ideas with our ‘Manager’s Top Ten Christmas Gifts for 2018’. Enjoy!
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Easy Betty Crocker Christmas Tree Brownies

Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

As we get closer to Christmas and things are getting busy and the children are becoming more excited we thought it’d be nice to do something easy that the kids will love to join in with… Christmas Tree Brownies!
You’re probably thinking: ‘I’m so busy – no time for mess and baking with the kids!’… have no fear, we have the perfect genius solution with no mess and no fuss – honestly! Read on to discover how the brilliant Betty Crocker Microwave Brownie Maker reduces preparation time and mess, and makes brownies in 3.5 minutes! Yes, 3.5 MINUTES! A yummy treat and fun activity for all!

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