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Discover professional kitchen knives and knife sets available from industry leading brands inlcuding Wusthof, Global Knives, Kai Shun and Robert Welch. Our extensive range caters from the novice to the professional. Not sure what you're after? Get in touch and member of the team will advise you.

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What are the different types of kitchen knives?

When choosing which kitchen knives, there can be many different options to choose from. Below we have listed the key kitchen knives you'll need to prepare food like a pro at home.

Kitchen Knife Image Kitchen Knife Type About

Cook's Knife / Chef's Knife

Chef's / Cook's knives are a true essential. They provide universal use when preparing meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. Available in different sizes, they feature curved blades that enable a rocking motion to allow for quick and efficient chopping of ingredients.

Paring / Peeling Knife

When cutting smaller ingredients or the task requires more intricacy paring knives are ideal. They have shorter blades compared to other kitchen knives allowing for greater maneuverability when cutting meats, fish or vegetables.

Bread Knife

Bread knives are suprisingly versatile, their long blade length and razor sharp angled teeth allow for quick slicing without squashing or tearing bread, pastries and other baked goods. Bread knives can also be used to cut through hard fruits and joints of meat making them a versatile kitchen tool.

Carving Knife

Perfect for trimming joints of meats, carving knives are distinguishable thanks to their long, thin blades. They're designed to glide through meats in a singular motion to ensure a long cut. These blades are perfect at achieving different cut thicknesses, perfect for Sunday roast.

Utility Knife

Utility knives combine similar qualities found in paring and chef's knives. They feature longer and more narrow blades typically less than 6 inches making it ideal for smaller hands. A good choice for everyday use, utility knives are a good all-rounder working well with slicing fruit, vegetables and certain types of meats.

Santoku Knife

Originating in Japan, santoku knives are a general purpose kitchen knife that has grown in popularity. Instantly recognisable, the santoku style provides three key functions including slicing, dicing and mincing. These blades often a thinner and shorter blades with fluted sides that prevent ingredients from sticking to ensure quick and efficient chopping.

What kitchen knife brands do you stock?

We stock an extensive collection of knife blocks and individual kitchen knives from professional brands