Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm

Potters of Hockley was first established in 1909 by Inifer Potter as a grocers. Over time, this family-run business has grown and diversified. The exciting launch of the Cookshop in 2012 is a superb extension of the long-established Potters of Hockley and has been a staple to the local community and recently further afield.

Let's start from the beginning..


Inifer Potter and his wife, Elizabeth, moved to Hockley with the idea of opening a general store. This dream came true and went on to sell anything from buckets, washboards, sieves to even fresh meat among many other items.


The shop was originally next door (the bakery) and was moved to where it stands now. Whilst at the time, very few people had cars and many of the roads we know today were unmade so Inifer came up with the idea to deliver products to local residents. Delivering the best customer service, which is something we always pride ourselves on!


Once the war ended, the shop was then passed down to Inifer’s son, Denys, who started the transformation of Potters into the store we recognise today.


Denys really brought the shop into the era and modernised the front for everyone to see, with half of the building being used as the village post office with a sorting office at the rear. Eventually, Potters extended to nearly double its size, selling top quality hardware and cookware, which has remained.


Fast forward 30+ years, it was now time for the third generation of Potters to take over the running of the shop. Son of Denys, Clive Potter stepped into his father's footsteps and took the shop into a new and exciting stage, opening the decorating centre, allowing us to stock a wider range of products.

Modern History

Further transformations have taken place since, the Cookshop opened in 2012, then doubled in size in 2013 and again in 2017. We even celebrated our 110th anniversary in 2019 which as a family run business is a wonderful achievement.

These days we host VIP events, cooking demonstrations, charity events as well as competitions on our social media pages whilst a large selection of our products can be found on our online store as well as blogs and a huge variety of recipes.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for us here at Potters Cookshop.