How to Make a Cappuccino

Create the perfect cappuccino using your Sage coffee machine with this easy to follow, 4 step guide. Other how to guides and video tutorials are also available to help you master the art of creating professional café quality coffee at home.


  • Espresso Machine
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Glass / Cup
  • Chocolate Powder
  • Espresso Shot
  • Cold Milk


Grind & Tamp

Turn on the coffee grinder to pre-heat your portafilter, remove & then completely dry. Next, grind an amount of around 19g of fresh coffee beans and then tap the portafilter to settle the grounded coffee before tamping. Ensure you tamp on a level surface with a consistent amount of pressure.

Espresso Extraction

Firmly place the portafilter into the group head and warm your cup or glass before starting. Hit the start button and you will see an espresso flow that imitates warm honey, once this has finished, dust chocolate powder into the cup of espresso.

Texture Milk

For one cup of milk, pour cold milk a third of the way into the jug. To ensure the steam wand is not clogged, turn on the steam and allow this to flow through for around 4-5 seconds. Place the wand into the jug at 1.5inch deep, turn the steamer on and allow the milk to spin inside, lower the jug so that more of the wand is inside after a few seconds, this will introduce air which gives the cappuccino that fluffy & frothy texture.

(The key is to achieve a velvety & silky smooth texture & always steam the wand after use to clean and wipe with a damp cloth).

The Pour

Place the cup or glass with the espresso and chocolate powder inside onto a flat surface, Swirl the jug to distribute the air so the micro foam is mixed evenly. Finally, slowly pour the frothy milk into the cup until it reaches the rim and sprinkle with extra powder and Enjoy!

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