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If you've walked past our shop window you may have glanced and thought 'Wow! What a pretty window display' with its beautiful underwater theme, even complete with Mermaids! But look a little closer and deeper. There's a very important message in amongst its beauty; a message that we all need to take heed of for our present and future...

Buy Once, Buy Well Eco Products Blog by Potters Cookshop

The fight to minimize landfill and ocean waste is a huge one, to reduce the devastating impact caused by single-use and poor quality products on our environment. With this in mind, we have embraced the term 'Buy Once, Buy Well' and brought to you just a handful of products in this blog that fit this bill, or help the fight in other ways. With their outstanding features and exceptional qualities, it makes sense to 'Buy Once, Buy Well', as opposed to the false economy of buying poor quality products and having to replace them regularly.

Here we showcase some of our favourites...

T&G Ocean

Buy T&G Ocean at Potters Cookshop

Inspired by a love of the sea and the need to help reduce ocean pollution, T&G have created the beautiful Ocean Collection. Each item has been created with sustainability in mind and with each item sold in the collection T&G will make a donation to Plastic Oceans UK, who aim to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation. To view this beautiful collection consisting of ceramic kitchen accessories, cork boards, stands, wireware, sustainable woodware and much more, click here.Buy T&G Ocean at Potters Cookshop

Black + Blum

Buy Black + Blum at Potters Cookshop
Buy Black + Blum at Potters Cookshop


Black+Blum are passionate about the ability to reuse products and sustainability when it comes to designing and producing their products, using long-life and eco-friendly materials such as sustainable antibacterial natural bamboo, and binchotan active charcoal.

Built to last and discouraging single use plastics, we love their style too; a stylish, retro and on-trend utilitarian feel. Find these fabulous products by clicking here.


Le Creuset

Buy Le Creuset at Potters Cookshop
Le Creuset is world renowned for quality and longevity, in particular their cast iron products. Still produced in the original foundry in the small village of Fresnoy-le-Grand in France, Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron cookware is hand finished for exceptional quality and outstanding cooking performance again and again. With a lifetime guarantee you most certainly will ‘buy once; buy well’. Find all Le Creuset products here.
Buy Le Creuset at Potters Cookshop


Buy Kilner at Potters Cookshop
Kilner jars come in a vast range of shapes and sizes to suit all types of kitchens. The glass is sustainable whilst being scratch-resistant and odour free; using glass jars instead of plastic removes the risk of chemical exposure to BPA and other toxic chemicals which can be found in different plastics. Celebrating 175 years, Kilner was revolutionary for its time with its 2 piece seal system with glass lid and metal screw, enabling home preservation of fresh food in order to prevent food waste. To this day Kilner are extremely highly regarded in the field of food preservation. Click here to view the range.

Huski Home

Buy Huski Home at Potters Cookshop

The family-run company Huski Home creates eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable homewares from natural waste. The travel cups and lunch boxes are made from rice husks which would usually be discarded. Melamine, BPA and Silicone free, each product is non-toxic and extremely durable, and able to last a lifetime. The colour range is beautiful. Find them here.

Chilly's X Will the Artist

Buy Chilly's X Will the Artist at Potters Cookshop
Chilly’s create beautiful stainless steel reusable food and drink vessels. They’ve teamed up with Will the Artist, a London based creative who combines a multitude of art disciplines to create his unique work. Will has designed the stunning Sea Life range which when purchased, a 10% donation of the profits go to City to Sea, whose quest is to stop plastic pollution at source. Find these beautiful bottles here.


Buy Magimix at Potters Cookshop
Magimix products are designed to be repairable, ensuring longevity and the lack of needing to dispose of. With a 30 year guarantee, the longevity of Magimix products ensure less waste generation, resulting in less strain being forced upon natural resources. As well as being built to last, Magimix products feature a standby function or power save mode to reduce energy consumption. Find Magimix by clicking here.

Prestige Eco Plant Based Non-Stick Cookware

Buy Prestige Eco Plant Based Non-Stick Cookware at Potters Cookshop

Every piece within this innovative Eco cookware range (including its packaging!) is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable - how amazing is that?! With 5 layers of extra durable non-stick which is reinforced with minerals, you can be sure of excellent performance and longevity. With each sale, Tree Aid will plant a tree in their Great Green Wall Project, helping people grow their way out of poverty and protect the environment. Click here to buy.

Stainless Steel Bottles and Food Containers

Buy Stainless Steel Bottles and Food Containers at Potters Cookshop

We have a huge selection of stainless steel bottles in store and online. They are fantastic for the environment due to their reusability and longevity. With double wall vacuum technology, you can be sure that drinks and food will be kept hot and cold for a considerable amount of time; some offering upto 24 hours! Leak proof, condensation free and a massive choice of incredible designs - find them here!

Built to Last: Buy Once, Buy Well at Potters Cookshop
There are so many fantastic products that now help the envoronment in one way or another. So many that we were only able to showcase a few here, but with many more available in store and online. If you are local, do call in to see us and take a look or browse our window display; every little action helps in the quest to minimize landfill and ocean waste. These amazing products are so good that even the Mermaids are keeping them!
Buy Once, Buy Well Eco Blog by Potters Cookshop

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