Veritable Garden: Grow Your Own With No Effort

If, like me, you haven’t got a green finger in sight, and are known for accidentally killing any form of plant life that you even look at, and you enjoy cooking then this blog is for you!

I love having a go at new recipes, and churning out my regular favourites. Lots of these recipes use fresh herbs that don’t come cheap in the supermarket, and are often not great quality (how many times have you come across limp coriander?!). I’m rubbish at growing plants of any kind so have (or so I thought) no option but to make the best of shop bought ‘fresh’ herbs. Well not anymore! Let me introduce you to the amazing Veritable Garden…

What is a Veritable Garden?

Buy Veritable Garden and Lingots at Potters Cookshop. Grow your own indooor herbs and edible plants

The Veritable Garden is a genius, innovative, stylish and super energy efficient indoor planting system which lets you grow plants used for cooking with minimal effort. Yes - MINIMAL EFFORT - true story. And it doesn’t matter what season it is - you can harvest and enjoy all year round as it doesn’t even need natural light! And here’s why…

The garden automatically adjusts its LED light’s intensity depending on the ambient light, to give the perfect amount of light to your plants. It employs a colour spectrum adapted specifically for edible plants which promotes quick growth and lots of fresh and tasty flavour. As the light is automatically controlled, it’s on for 16 hours a day and off for the remaining 8 hours, imitating a natural daylight cycle. You can adjust the height of the two lighting poles independently of one another to accommodate different plant sizes and speed of growth.

Feeding your plants

Ok, so the light part is nailed which is super clever don’t you think? But what about watering? Well - wait for this… you simply fill the water tank. The water tank holds THREE WEEKS worth of water! You could even go on holiday in that time without a worry! And brilliantly, the garden indicates when water is low and it needs watering; how handy is that?

So what can you grow?

Buy Veritable Garden and Lingots at Potters Cookshop. Grow your own indooor herbs and edible plants

There’s a wide selection of edible plants that you can grow… rosemary, dill, coriander, basil, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, parsley, chives and thyme are amongst our favourites. Each comes as a ‘Lingot’ containing organic seeds, organic soil and nutrients essential to each plant. They are 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable, and ready to use; and you don’t need to worry about PH, humidity, nutrients concentration, roots aeration, spacing between seeds, depth, etc - it’s all taken care of for you; all of which ensure regular harvests. They also don’t contain any pesticides or GMOs which is a relief, and can be stored for upto a year in a cool dry place if you wanted to stock up.

When can you eat the fruits of your non existent labour?!

This all sounds great but I’m guessing you want to know how soon you can harvest your lovely fresh herbs and plants? Well pretty quickly! Plants are ready to be eaten in just 4 weeks and each Lingot guarantees a regular harvest for 4 to 6 months. The garden comes with 4 Lingots included which are parsley, chives, thyme and sweet basil, with more available to buy separately.

What are you waiting for?

With a 2 year guarantee and fab eco-design (from energy efficient LED technology to recyclable packaging and refills), you can grow your own aromatic herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables all year round without any effort, 2-3 times faster than in the garden and with one bouquet cycle per week for 4-6 months! Seeing really is believing - we have ours on display in store so do feel free to pop by to take a look - it’s amazing - hopefully see you soon!
Take a look at our very own Veritable journey pictures below...

Buy Veritable Garden and Lingots at Potters Cookshop. Grow your own indooor herbs and edible plants

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