The KiddiKutter - Cuts Food, Not Fingers!

If you’re reading this blog on Potters Cookshop’s website then it goes without saying that you probably enjoy cooking and/or baking. And if you have little people in your family then it’s highly likely that you’d like to pass on the joy of cooking and independence in the kitchen to them too. However, letting little ones loose with kitchen tools can be scary business, especially where knives are concerned. Well fear no more! We have discovered an absolutely amazing product that you’re going to love love love! Introducing the KiddiKutter

So what is a ‘KiddiKutter’?

The KiddiKutter is a safe knife that children can use without the fear of accidents. Each knife has rounded serrations so they are able to cut food, not fingers. Cutting food is achieved by a sawing action; so whether it’s a tomato or a steak, the KiddiKutter can cut it! They can even be used at the dinner table as cutlery to encourage self confidence and independent eating habits.

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Other Benefits

The KiddiKutter has other benefits too; by involving children in the preparing of meals, they can be taught about food and nutrition which, in turn, may encourage them to try new foods whilst developing their fine motor skills. The easy-grip handle makes it comfortable to use and the coated stainless steel blade means that you can pop it into the dishwasher after use. Not only is it completely food safe and hygienic, its BPA-free too!

There are currently 6 fabulous bright colours to choose from: blue, pink, green, purple, red and orange. And of course, the KiddiKutter has undergone extensive testing to ensure ultimate safety.

So now you can let children as young as three help in the kitchen and develop a passion for cooking without worrying about accidents. The KiddiKutter is also ideal for older children and people with disabilities.

Don't just take our word for it!

Don’t just take it from me; we have had three little Potters Cookshop fans give their seal of approval to the KiddiKutter recently… here’s what their grown-ups had to say:

Grace's Grown-Up Says:

‘Well, we’ve had a trip to Potters Cookshop to get our KiddiKutter… we got a red one. Grace cannot wait to use it tomorrow when we’ll be making Shepherd’s Pie; she is in charge of slicing some carrots. We’ve also had a conversation regarding knife danger, but how this knife is safe for Grace to use. A good opportunity to educate little ones regarding safety and making healthy food. Thank you Potters!’
UPDATE: ‘She’s one very happy Grace! The bunnies were happy with their carrot tops too! Looking forward to taste testing it all later!’

Buy KiddiKutter Children's Knife at Potters Cookshop Essex

Alice's Grown-Up Says:

‘Alice has had a very busy weekend with her new KiddiKutter knife… so far she has cut her own sandwich, cut cheeses into chunks for a cheese sauce, and made a fruit salad!’

Buy KiddiKutter Children's Knife at Potters Cookshop Essex

 Penny's Grown-Up Says:

‘Penny absolutely loves her KiddiKutter. She couldn’t believe that she could cut through hard vegetables such as carrots and potatoes with relative ease. Penny isn’t keen on potatoes but all of a sudden she needed to try the ones that she had cut up for dinner once they were cooked. She is now asking regularly if any cutting is required when I’m preparing food – and of course I hand over the KiddiKutter and away we go! Just brilliant – I love her enthusiasm for cooking and we get to chat about food whilst we prepare our meals and snacks!’

Buy KiddiKutter Children's Knife at Potters Cookshop Essex

What more can we say. An absolutely brilliant product in more ways than one. The KiddiKutter range is available both in store and online. Do pop in to see us, or click here to buy. Happy cooking – enjoy!

Buy KiddiKutter Children's Knife at Potters Cookshop Essex

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