Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and we know that lots of you are looking for some gift inspiration. Now you would no doubt assume that a Cookshop would just sell all things ‘cooking’, right? Well yes we do BUT did you know that we sell other great products too, perfect for gifting this Mother’s Day? With quality brands that we are sure Mum will love, such as BarCraft, Jamie Oliver, Peter Rabbit, Mason Cash, KitchenAid, Le Creuset and so, so many more, we are absolutely certain you’ll find a great gift for her at Potters this year.

Read on to find out more and get some inspiration!

Let’s start with Wrendale Designs

Wrendale Designs feature original artwork by brilliant Award Winning Artist Hannah Dale, who is inspired by the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside and outdoor life. Hannah started by painting hares with their expressive faces and unique personalities which were an immediate success. From this she went on to expand her repertoire and began painting other wild animals. These works of art developed into greeting cards and went on to be printed onto other products such as tinware, stationary, ceramics, melamine and textiles. The business now supplies products nationwide, as well as exporting all over the world.

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Here at Potters we stock lots of Wrendale Design products including aprons, cushions, umbrellas, coasters, mugs, teapots, clocks, bookmarks, scarves, keyrings, kitchenware – the list goes on! Fantastic gifts for nature lovers, with a budget for everyone, starting at just £1.99. Wrendale Design products are both pretty and classy – a great Mother’s Day gift. Even our very own Greg loves the scarves – see if you can spot him looking ever so chic!

Buy Mother's day Gifts 2019 at Potters Cookshop

Visit our website here, or pop in store to view the whole collection, some of which are not listed on the website at present – coming soon!

Alex Clark

Our quirky and cute Alex Clark collection of products are all thanks to North-Easterner Alex Clark. Her quirky depiction of dogs, cats, birds and farm animals are her trademark, inspired by the beautiful Derwent countryside and wildlife. Her extraordinary talent as an artist and designer has brought her to national and international prominence over the years, having been what she calls a ‘serious artist’ at first, before she bought an old stable building and decided to consider running off limited edition prints and greeting cards of her work. As if by magic, Alex stumbled across her signature painting style by accident… making a sheep that she had painted into a smiley sheep with rosy cheeks – her first fun and quirky ‘character’. The rest, they say, is history! Alex Clark designs are now found on greeting cards, art prints, gift wrap, gift bags, textiles, cushions, coasters, placemats, fridge magnets, bookmarks and a large variety of stationary items as well as a ceramic collection. Her products are sold worldwide! We love these products here at Potters… a budget for everyone for animal lovers with a quirky twist – so cute; perfect for Mother’s Day! Pop in store to view the whole collection – you will just love it!

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Cheers Mum! For the Ladies who love a tipple…

Where to start?! We have some absolutely brilliant glassware and barware products that would make amazing Mother’s Day gifts for the ladies who love their vino, gin, cocktails et al. Stylish or kitsch, you’ll find something you’ll love here. Check out our stunning glassware collections for beautiful flutes, cocktail glasses, gin balloons, wine glasses and more. And browse our barware collections for cocktail equipment, ice buckets, corkscrews, stirrers, and bottle stoppers… the list goes on! Pop to the supermarket to grab her favourite tipple to add to your gift and hey presto… toast your Mum in style this Mother’s Day. Visit our website for glassware here, and barware here, or pop in store to view the whole collections, some of which are not listed on the website at present.

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And for the Mum’s who prefer a nice relaxing cuppa…

Not all Mum’s like a tipple but we are guessing that a lot love a cuppa, whether it be tea, coffee or the like. Our drinkware collections cover teapots, cups, mugs, travel mugs, cake stands and so much more… couple any of these with a nice shop bought or homemade cake and some teabags or coffee, and you have a gorgeous gift to give this Mother’s Day. Visit our website here, or pop in store to view the whole collections, some of which are not listed on the website at present.

Buy Mother's day Gifts 2019 at Potters Cookshop

Lastly – for the Mum’s who love baking and cooking!

Buy Mother's day Gifts 2019 at Potters Cookshop

I think it goes without saying that we have an extensive range of fantastic cooking and baking products! So much on the website, but even more amazing products in store! Quality brands of kitchen tools, gadgets, bakeware, pots & pans, kitchen storage, kitchen accessories, cake decorating equipment, textiles… wow, just so much choice for the Mum who loves her kitchen! Make sure you visit the website here, or call in store – we are certain you’ll find the perfect gift for that perfect Mummy-cook! There’s something for every budget whether you’re after a stylish, classy, fun or quirky gift.

Buy Mother's day Gifts 2019 at Potters Cookshop

So there you have it, some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. We hope the special ladies in your life have a wonderful day!
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