Stellar Cast Iron 32cm Grill Pan - Black

by Stellar
SKU 5051896002567

The Cast Iron Grill Pan from Stellar is perfect for cooking tender meats without leaving excess fat and oil. This healthy alternative to the conventional frying pan allows you to cook meats and vegetables with very minimal fat content. Cast from Iron you can be assured superior heat distribution and retention for an even cook.

Product Features

  • Easy Draining: Draining fat and oil is now safe and easy thanks to the scalloped pouring lips on both sides of the Grill Pan.
  • Perfect Balance: Featuring a helper handle this helps keep the weight of the Pan perfectly balanced.
  • Sharp Ridges: Allows you to achieve chargrilled lines and delicious flavors.
  • Life Time Guarantee: Stellar offer a lifetime guarantee meaning you can have peace of mind for years to come.
  • Suitable for All Hobs: Whether you have Gas, Heat, Ceramic, Induction, Halogen or any other type of hob then be assured you'll be able to cook perfectly each time.

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