Simplehuman 48 Litre Touch Bar Recycling Bin

SKU 838810015835

Simple and effective - simply open the lid by pushing the bar. A fantastic alternative to the conventional pedal bin; the Simplehuman 48 litre model features a maximum capacity of 48 litres and two separate compartments for easy rubbish separation, making it perfect for recycling!

The bin casing is built from fingerprint-proof stainless steel with a soft close lid and has been designed to fit into tight places.

This bin requires liners with the code G.

Product Features

  • Separate Compartments: Includes several compartments to separate waste and recycling
  • Simple Touchbar: A great feature when your hands are full. Now you can use elbow, hip, knees or anything else you can think of
  • Fingerprint-proof: The brushed stainless steel exterior is coated with a special finish that prevents fingerprints and other markings, perfect if you have a busy household
  • Stay Open Lid: Great for when you're prepping food or just cleaning as it saves you the effort of having to keep opening the lid each time you go to dispose of your waste
  • Code G Liners: Even down to the bin bags there are great benefits, the Code G liners are custom fit designed with extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction to prevent rips and tears
  • 10 Year Guarantee: Simplehuman's 10-year guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing your bin will be working for years to come

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