Global GS37 Santoku Fluted Knife - 13cm

by Global
SKU 4943691737007

The Global 13cm Stainless Steel Fluted Santoku Knife has been handcrafted using Cromova 18 stainless steel to deliver unmatched results in terms of quality and performance. During the manufacturing process the blades are ice-tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°- 58°, which helps to maintain that razor sharp performance and prevent rust, corrosion and stains.

Product Features

  • Cromova stainless steel construction that keeps blades sharp and prevents rust.
  • Handcrafted by professional engineers for optimum results.
  • Hygienically safe the smooth and seamless design prevents food and dirt traps.
  • Ideal for slicing, dicing and mincing fruit, vegetables and meat.
  • Recommended hand wash with mild detergent and dry immediately afterwards.
  • Hollow handle means a better balanced blade and improved control.
  • Fluted for a non-stick chopping experience
  • Size: 13cm
  • Made in Japan

About Global Knives

The award winning Global knife brand was first created back in 1985 by the creative pioneer Komin Yamada where he refined his designs to create a range of high-performance knives that appealed to both professional and amateur chefs. Today Global knives continue to be handcrafted in Yoshikins factory in Niigata, Japan and maintain the highest level of quality. Global knives are some of the sharpest available thanks to the high standard of craftsmanship and choice of materials.

Recent Awards Include

. 2013 | Favourite Chefs Favourite Knife Brand | Restaurant Magazine
. 2014 | Global Classic Voted The Best Knives | T3
. 2015 | Favourite Chef's Favourite Knife Brand | Restaurant Magazine
. 2016 | Favourite Chef's Favourite Knife Brand | Restaurant Magazine

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