Tiffany Mimosas presented in Olivia & Oliver Flute Glasses

With the wonderful recent news of the birth of the new Royal Baby, and glimmers of summer with the (on and off!) nice weather, we thought it was apt to bring you a lovely summery and celebratory drinks recipe, showcased in our stunning Olivia & Oliver flute glasses. Read on to add some style to your next celebration…

Olivia & Oliver Flute Glasses

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Perfect for any celebration, or simply as a treat, are the truly stunning Olivia & Oliver flute glasses in gold and silver. There are two designs in silver, and two in gold to choose from. The designs are classy, simple and stylish, combining modern and contemporary styles to create a unique piece of glassware. We love their weightiness for extra stability, achieved by their glass and metal design.

They’re available in store and online; £15 per set of two flutes. But why not take advantage of our offer and buy two sets for just £20… now that is cause for a celebration, surely?! 
So would you like an easy and stylish (and yummy!) recipe? Read on…

Tiffany Mimosas Potters Style


  • Shallow bowl or saucer of water
  • Shallow bowl or plate sprinkled with sugar
  • Blue Curacao
  • Prosecco
  • Lemonade (optional)
  • Slice of lemon per glass (optional)
  • Thin white ribbon (optional)

Buy Olivia & Oliver Flute Glasses at Potters Cookshop


  1. Firstly you need to frost the rim of your glasses. Simply dip the rim of your glass into a shallow bowl/saucer of water, then dip into your bowl/plate of sugar. Make sure that you evenly coat it then leave to dry
  2. If decorating the stem of your glass, add your ribbon in a pretty bow at this stage
  3. Add a splash of Blue Curacao to your glass
  4. Top up with Prosecco. You could add both Prosecco and lemonade at this stage if opting for a slightly less alcoholic option
  5. Add a slice of lemon to the edge of your glass if you’d like extra decoration
  6. Cheers and Enjoy!

Buy Olivia & Oliver Flute Glasses at Potters Cookshop

Do let us know how yours turned out – a great simple and easy, yet stylish, drink in beautiful glasses to wow your guests! To buy your Olivia & Oliver glasses, click here or call in store.


Buy Olivia & Oliver Flute Glasses at Potters Cookshop

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