Throw a Tiki Party with Pizazz!

How to throw a Tiki Party that your guests won't forget!

Whatever the season or weather, if you’re looking for a fun party theme, or you just really love pineapples and kitsch, a Tiki Drinks Party is the way to go! Transform your space into a tropical paradise and enjoy a cocktail or three with friends and family hula style!

First off, impress your guests with some Tiki History…

Ok, so what is Tiki?

Back in the 1930’s, Tiki culture was born. Don Beach and Victor Bergeron are said to be the guys responsible for this fun, party culture. So who were they?
Mr Bergeron was the founder of ‘Trader Vic’s’ in Oakland, U.S.A; a bar and eatery with a South Pacific Island theme to provide ‘complete escape and relaxation’. It was there that Mr. Bergeron earned his place in history, by inventing the world famous cocktail the Mai Tai. On handing the concoction to a visiting friend from Tahiti to taste, the friend tasted and exclaimed ‘It’s Mai Tai Roa Ai!’ which is ‘Out Of This World – The Best’ in Tahitian. Paradise in a glass was born! Trader Vic’s now have restaurants worldwide.
Don Beach, on the other hand, had travelled around the world on his own, visiting many South Pacific Islands. In the 1930’s he opened a tropically decorated bar in Hollywood called ‘Don the Beachcomber’. It was an escape from everyday life and became super popular, especially with celebrities.

The idea of Don Beach and Victor Bergeron’s bars was to make guests feel like they’d stepped into a tropical paradise, far from everyday life… throwing a Tiki party can do just that for YOUR guests too! So let’s get started – read on to start planning your very own Tiki party!

Tiki Party Essentials

Let’s talk décor first of all… think bright flowers, tropical fruit, coconuts, large leaves. Think fishnets, rattan, bamboo, and warm but dim lighting. Think Tiki statues. Think funky barware.

Setting the Scene – Décor

Whilst writing this blog, when I’ve been out and about, I’ve noticed that Tiki is so on-trend right now – the shops have an abundance of Tiki style decorations at the moment; a great and cheap way to adorn your entertaining space. For inspiration, here’s a list of some of the decorations that I’ve seen that could set the scene perfectly…

  • Hula grass table skirts
  • Card Tiki Totem Poles
  • Tiki Piñata
  • Inflatable palm trees
  • Tropical bunting
  • Tropical flower garlands
  • Limbo sticks
  • Inflatable drinks coolers
  • Card palm leaves
  • Tropical photo booth props
  • Paper honeycomb pineapples
  • Tropical themed fairy lights

Setting the Fashion - Dress Code

What to wear? This part is super easy!

Men: Pop on your shorts and flip flops and find the most garish tropical style shirt that you can! Complete with a colourful flower garland – hey presto!

Ladies: Colourful sarongs or maxi-dresses look good, or a summer dress/ top with shorts with a hula skirt over the top. Finish off with a flower in your hair and a flower garland – Hula Hula Baby!

Setting the Bar – Barware

Ok, so you’ve decorated the space to high hilt and created your very own tropical paradise. You’ve got your outfit to sway those hula hips in. You’ve downloaded some tropical music to swing those hula hips to. You’ve swatted up with information to impress your guests.

But the most important element of any party is the bar! Here we take a look at some fabulous items for the bar – your party will be remembered for a long time to come with these!

  • Cocktail Stirrers – no Tiki Party is complete without this set of six BarCraft stirrers! The set includes two pink flamingos, two cacti and two pineapples – they’ll make the room smile every time!
  • Cocktail Shaker – an absolute must! Check out these BarCraft 400ml studded shakers, available in Gold or Rainbow. They have a detachable cap with a clever integral strainer lid and airtight seal… minimal spillages, maximum flair - just the tool to concoct the perfect cocktail in style!
  • Cocktail Compass Recipe Guide – perfect little gadget to help master the art of cocktail creating - just move the dial to your choice of cocktail and follow the recipe. You’ll be shaking and stirring like a pro in no time!
  • Fun Drinks Jars and Glasses – you seriously must take a look at these! Cactus and Pineapple Drinks Jars! Complete with screw on lids and reusable straws to limit spillages whilst limboing! Also these fabulous Tiki glasses in green and red – they even come with a recipe leaflet containing four fun alcoholic cocktail recipes. All by BarCraft.
  • Shot Glasses – a party wouldn’t be complete without shots! Traditional size is great, but how about some tall 60ml Shot Glasses by BarCraft too, so that you can add double measures and mix flavours to make shot-tails! Choose from gold (60ml) or iridescent (50ml or 60ml)… shoot in style!
  • Drinks Dispenser – ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE CENTRE PIECE! Love this! Create the perfect drinks and impress guests with this fabulous 6 Litre Gold Pineapple Drinks Dispenser by BarCraft. Metallic gold with lid and dispenser tap – this is going to be the talking point of the party for sure!
  • Glasses - You’re probably going to need a variety of glasses. Funky and theme related drinks jars, glasses and shot glasses are fun and will go down a treat, but be sure to have other glasses to hand too. These Iridescent 600ml Glass Tumblers by are perfect for enjoying any beverage. Balloon style and lustre finished, they give a stunning rainbow iridescent sheen. Perfect for any drink. The Iridescent 500ml Gin Glasses are great for drinks other than gin, like wine and non-alcoholic drinks too. Both by BarCraft.

For more great barware, click here.


So you have everything organised now, apart from the actual drinks.

Here’s our fab ‘Potters Pink Gin Fizzer’ cocktail recipe to get you started… this cocktail contains Sugarflair Edible Lustre Dust which is 100% edible and nut free, gluten free, GM free and fat free; the dust can be mixed with clear drinks to create a smooth, shimmering lustre effect – they are so gorgeous, you simply have to give them a try… your guests will love them!

Potters Pink Gin Fizzer



Note: You may prefer to start off with less gin, and add to taste and/or strength up to the stated amount above. You may also prefer to use pink gin, which is sweeter.


  • Gently mix all ingredients together in a jug, apart from the Lustre Dust, grapefruit and lime.
  • Pour 200ml into a stunning Iridescent 500ml Gin Glass. These glasses have a long stem and wide bowl, ideal for gin cocktails. The iridescent rainbow sheen will wow your guests.
  • Gently stir in ¼ teaspoon of Lustre Dust. Top up with the remainder of your cocktail. Carefully add an ice cube or two if desired.
  • Decorate by adding a slice of grapefruit and lime on the side of your glass.


So there you have it… a quick guide to throwing a great Tiki Party, with all the props and barware needed for a successful soirée! Hula Hula and enjoy – Cheers!

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