Get Your Freak On!

Here at Potters Cookshop we’ve been having great fun with the latest craze for Freakshakes.  Originally an Australian invention, it’s no surprise that the indulgent and larger than life milkshake drinks are now taking the UK by storm.  Made from gorgeous creamy milkshakes topped with all sorts of goodies including cream, ice cream, sauce, cake, sweets, fruit and sprinkles; they’re a genius combination of milkshake and dessert and provide the ultimate sugar rush!

Following our recent in-store Freakshake demonstration, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for making your own delicious, overloaded creations at home…
  1. Have all of your ingredients out and ready before you start – melting ice cream waits for no man! Make and froth the milkshake in a container large enough to cope with the volume that the Aerolatte frother adds.
  2. Start your Freakshake with a scoop of deliciously creamy ice cream before adding the tasty frothed milk and then top off with a generous serving of squirty cream to add a bit of structure and support.
  3. Once you’ve got your foundations sorted you’re good to go with the cake, sweets, chocolate, sauce and sprinkles. Ask yourself how a 6 year old would tackle it….the aim is to go large and create something monstrously indulgent!
  4. Add a bit more. You may need to add some more squirty cream first to give the extra toppings something to stick to.
  5. Get snappy and Instagram it using the hashtag #potterscookshopfreakshake for your chance to feature on our gallery wall of Freakshake fame!

We have all the equipment you need to create your own delicious Freakshakes both online and in-store; from the fabulous Kilner handled jars, available in a variety of colours, to the brilliant Aerolatte milk frothers.

So what are you waiting for? Go #getyourfreakon !!

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