Decorating Unicorn Cupcakes

Make pretty unicorn cupcakes in a few simple steps with our handy 'how to' guide to cake decorating. Perfect for birthday parties and baby showers; these cute little cakes are guaranteed to appeal to children and adults alike!


  • 12 pre-baked cupcakes
  • 500g icing sugar
  • 250g butter at room temperature
  • 1tsp vanilla extract or other flavouring
  • 4 gel icing colours
  • 100g Sugarpaste icing
  • 1/2 tsp Tylose powder
  • Edible lustre dust


  • Knead the Tylose powder into the sugarpaste icing until combined, then take a 10g piece of sugarpaste and roll it into a long, thin sausage of about 4cm that is tapered at each end. Gently pull the ends together and wrap them around each other to create a twist that comes together in one fine point (see images below). Cut the non-pointed end off using a sharp knife to create a 'horn. Repeat until you have 12 horns and then leave to harden slightly.
  • Roll out a small piece of sugarpaste and then use a small heart cutter to cut 24 individual hearts. Turn each heart upside down and pinch the bottom together to form an ear shape and set aside to harden slightly.
  • Using a fine brush, dust the inside of each ear and the outside of each horn with the edible lustre.
  • Use a hand or stand mixer to combine the icing sugar, butter and flavouring into a smooth butter icing and then split into 4 separate batches. Colour each batch with a different gel colour.
  • Add each colour icing to a separate piping bag and then snip the bottom centimetre off the point of each bag. Lay out a sheet of clingfilm and pipe the four different colours next to each other in a long line.
  • Carefully pull the sides of the clingfilm together to hold all four colours together in one long sausage of icing. Place it in a piping bag containing a large star nozzle with and open end facing down into the nozzle.
  • Starting at the outer edge of each cupcake, pipe the icing onto the top of the cupcake in one continuous swirl, finishing at a peak in the centre.
  • Insert a horn into the centre peak of each cupcake and then add an ear on either side.

unicorn_cupcake_horn unicorn_cupcake_horn_2  unicorn_cupcake_ears 

unicorn_cupcake_horns  unicorn_cupcake_colours  unicorn_cupcake_icing 

unicorn_cupcake_piping  unicorn_cupcakes

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