5 Best Craft Beer Breweries & How to Enjoy Them

Craft Beer is a growing trend at the moment and with the rapid increase in Micro Breweries, we thought we'd share our favourite top 5 micro-brew companies that are likely to appear throughout the Summer of 2017 and the best ways to enjoy them.

What is Craft Beer?

Craft Beer is usually produced by small often independent breweries that create unique flavoured beers not commonly associated with industry leading brands. The Craft Beer movement first began in the USA before gaining traction in the UK. Today there are more than 1,700 breweries in the UK that offer their own style beer but which are the most popular?

Top Five Craft Beer Breweries 

1) Brewdog
Since the beginning, Brewdog has continuously led the way within the Craft Beer revolution to bring exciting flavours and styles. Some of their most popular beers include Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club, Jet Black Heart, King Pin and much more.

2) Williams Bros
Based in Scotland the William Bros brewery was first opened in 1988 taking inspiration from a 17th-century Gaelic recipe leann fraoich (Heather Ale). This early recipe was created using Bog Myrtle and Heather flowers. Today the brand continue to create exciting flavours including the likes of Double Joker, Profanity Stout, Nollaig and Redact among many others.

3) Cloudwater Brewery
The Cloudwater brewery is a Manchester based, modern craft beer brand that specialises in seasonal tastes and styles. As the months go by they utilise the ingredients that are available giving you a change of flavour throughout the year.

4) Camden Brewery
The Camden brewery is one of the best micro-breweries around. They offer beers that are completely natural and are carefully crafted to give you a taste experience like no other. With only a small selection of beers available you can be assured quality not quantity. Some to look out for are Hells Lager, Pale Ale and Gentleman's Wit.

5) Thornbridge Brewery
The award-winning Thornbridge Brewery is larger than a lot of the other breweries but they still create mouth-watering flavours that have continuously received critical acclaim. Some beers to look out for are Halcyon, Wild Swan, Tzara and Raspberry Stout.

Everything Down to The Glass

Aside from the changing styles, flavours and aromas - beer should also be enjoyed with the right glass. You really want to be using a glass that reflects the style of beer, for example, a stout should have a glass with a larger bowl that allows you to swirl and enjoy the Aromas.

The Dartington Collection collection offers a variety of glasses that are the perfect choice for Craft Beer lovers the 4 glasses each serve an individual purpose to enhance your drinking experience, whether you prefer Stout, Ale or Pilsner there is a glass suited for you. Each glass in the Dartington Brew Craft collection has been individually handcrafted and mouth blown to create a truly unique drinking experience.

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