Global Knives - A Buyers Guide

We are extremely proud to be an official stockist of Global kitchen knives. With unmatched engineering and superior blades, each item by Global delivers quality, functionality and value for money.

Our easy read buyers guide touches on the history of the brand, the different knife series and some common questions we receive from people who are interested in these popular series.

About The Global Brand

Established back in 1985 the Global brand was envisaged with the intention of creating something revolutionary through incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques and very best materials. Favoured by amateur and professional chef's Global Knives are renowned for their ultra-sharp blades, diverse choice and overall craftmanship.

Each knife is created using CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel something that has been created exclusively for the brand. It's tough enough to maintain the acute 15 degree cutting edge for a long time whilst remaining soft enough to sharpen without difficulty and because of the high level of Chromium these knives are incredibly stain and rust resistant.

Where Are Global Knives Made?

Each item in the collections are handcrafted at the Yoshikin’s factory in Niigata, Japan using authentic techniques to incorporate quality and versatility into every piece.

Where To Buy Global Knives?

We are a proud UK stockist of Global Series knives, with a diverse selection of knives and cutting tools suited for every requirement. Below are the main collections we currently provide, available in-store and online.

Classic G-Series | Shop Now 

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An award winning collection of larger, longer bladed knives with weighted hollow handles each created with Global's signature Chromova18 blades and sharpened to an acute 15° angle for exceptional sharpness.

Find a selection of vegetable choppers, Santoku knives, filleters, bread and slicing knives.

Global UKON Series | Shop Now

Global UKON Series Knives Banner

Inspired by Japanese legend, UKON has many positive connotations. Each knife in the UKON Series has been created from the highest grade stainless steel with thicker blades to further increase performance and are subjected to even more rigorous grinding meaning they are 10% sharper out of the box.

All UKON Knives feature an ambidextrous thumb rest that sits closer to the blade for added control and efficiency.

How To Sharpen Global Knives?

Over time blades of all qualities and compositions begin to lose their edge, that's why it's so important to have the basics of knife care established. There are several ways of re-sharpening blade edges with different techniques and tools available.

Below we have listed the most common types.


Out of all the methods a pull-through sharpener is by far the best for less experienced cooks. Typically a handled sharpener will have a fine and coarse wheel that you draw the blade edge through, these are usually angled requiring minimal effort whilst delivering an excellent sharp edge.


A sharpening steel also known as a sharpening rod, butcher's steel, and chef's steel is a rod of steel, ceramic or diamond-coated steel that assists in re-aligning blade edges to bring them back to their original form. Unlike popular belief a honing tool does not actually sharpen the knife instead it serves an excellent addition to smoothing out the ground steel after using a whetstone giving the implement a refined edge.


Whetstones or sharpening stones as they are often referred to are a traditional technique of sharpening blade edges. Often these stones are lubricated using water or cutting fluid to carry excess swarf away. Although primitive in nature these stones offer superior results that provide the ultimate longevity to blade edges, particularly those of Japanese origin.

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