Scrub Daddy FlexTexture Scrubber - Blue


Say hello to the innovatively designed Scrub Daddy Smile, and goodbye to cleaning the difficult way. The Scrub Daddy Smile in blue is a versatile scrub come sponge suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces such as wood, plastic, copper, iron, vinyl, car exterior paint, glass, non-stick coating, stainless steel and more. Scrub Daddy Smile’s exclusive scratch free FlexTexture™ material automatically adjusts to your water temperature. In warm water it becomes soft; in cold water it becomes firm to give you more scrubbing power. The eyes are great finger anchor points for an ergonomic grip, whilst the mouth is cleverly designed to clean both sides of utensils. The Scrub Daddy Smile rinses free of debris, resists odours and cleans well with water alone. It can even be cleaned by washing it in the dishwasher! A fantastic sponge for all types of cleaning tasks. Also available in green, orange and yellow.

Product Features

  • Colour: blue
  • Scratch free FlexTexture™ material
  • Suitable for multi surfaces
  • Automatically adjusts scrub power
  • Resists odours
  • Rinses free of food particles and debris
  • Dishwasher safe – top rack only
  • Ergonomic design