Jeremy Pang School Of Wok 12" Wok Lid

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The School of Wok Stainless Steel Wok Lid by Jeremy Pang is a must-have accessory when cooking oriental cuisine. By trapping the heat you'll get higher temperatures; perfect for creating exotic flavours and textures.

Quick Stir-Fry Tips

  1. Stir & Shake: Once your ingredients are in give your food a good stir with a ladle whilst shaking the Wok back and forth.
  2. Folding: With your ladle facing downwards, fold from the back into the stir fry, ensure all the ingredients are mixed in.
  3. Flick & Toss: Give your wok a long push forward and a quick flick backwards - you can practice this by using a cup of raw rice in a cold wok till you get the hang of it.

About School of Wok

Since the beginning, back in 2009, the School of Wok has become Europe's only award winning Asian & Oriental cookery school located in the heart of London. The school of Wok provides in-depth cooking lessons on a whole variety of oriental cuisine techniques and styles.

Check out their oriental recipes here:

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