Cole & Mason Self Watering Triple Potted Herb Keeper

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Fed up with supermarket potted herbs dying before you've had a chance to use them up? The Cole and Mason Self Watering Triple Potted Herb Keeper will allow you to keep fresh potted herbs for longer as it does away with the need for re-potting and allows the plants to draw up exactly the amount of hydration that they need from the felt hydro pads through their roots. To use, simply insert the felt hydro pads under the retaining arm and place your potted herb pots into the container. Fill with water through the spout and check regularly to see if it needs topping up. The herb keeper is ideal for busy households or those where houseplants are sometimes temporarily forgotten!

Product Features

  • (W) 36.5cm x (H) 13.2cm x (D) 13.5cm
  • Fits three potted herb plant in round or square pots of up to 8.5cm diameter
  • 12 felt hydro pads included (pads last up to 3 months each)
  • Pads can be rinsed with clean water

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